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Our Favorite Sex Toys

The sex toy industry is a $15 billion one, with 50 percent of women reporting that they tried their very first sex toy in their 20s. This isn’t just great news for companies who are constantly coming up with the next best sex-related toy, but great news for humanity: we’re becoming more open-minded about sex toys as a society — and about trying out all different types of products.

There are literally THOUSANDS of brands and sex toys. What’s Your Favorite?

Greetings From Cheney, Kansas!

Welcome to Intimate Tickles & My Favorite Product Page!

Although I love ALL the products in our Intimate Tickles catalog, these are the top 10 products that I hope you will take a look at...
    The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator guarantees amazing pleasure sensations with its innovative pressure wave clitoral stimulation with added G-Spot vibrations. The high-tech Satisfyer ... Read More
    I love the Satisfyer Rabbit  because it has everything that a woman could ask for. Its's vibrations mixed with suction and the pulse variations will have you coming in minutes for sure! 

    Satisfyer Rabbit $99.00

    Stressed at work? Relax with the Satisfyer Men, where you decide on the level of pressure. The innovative internal pressure regulator caters to your needs by providing a range of soft to strong negati... Read More
    The Satisfyer for Men is the most affordable and most enjoyable product out there for men. This toy as a button on the side you can pump to make the sleeve tighten as much or as little as he likes!

    Satisfyer Men $60.00

    Slip this fully adjustable magic massage glove onto your hand and give your partner the tension-relieving touch they’ve been craving. (Ahhh…what better way to get them into the mood!) The Fuzu Glo... Read More
    This is the most amazing hand massager you will find on the market. it glides so smoothly over my curves without pinching at all. It allows the person giving the massage to give their fingers a break

    Fuzu Massage Glove $18.00

    Revolutionary and powerful vibrating ring with remote control (vibrating sheath and clitoral stimulator). Created to multiply the sensations and intensify the arousal. Double stimulation, vaginal and ... Read More
    The Gladiator is in my opinion the best couples toy out there. I loved it and so has every customer that has bought one from me.

    Gladiator $99.00

    PINK Water is our high-quality purified water-based lubricant that feels amazingly like your own natural moisture. It provides the long-lasting glide of silicone, but also offers a wetter, delicate te... Read More
    Pink water is my go to lube. I love it because I am sensitive with lube and this one doesn't irritate me at all and not sticky, Which is great!

    Pink Water $28.00

    The elegant travel companion to the land of multiple orgasms. This handy pressure wave vibrator enables multiple orgasms through contactless stimulation. 11 beguiling settings allow this lay-on vibrat... Read More
    I love this little travel satisfyer pro. I take mine on every trip. I can climax very quickly with this product. It's like no other product out there i promise!

    Satisfyer Pro Traveler $75.00

    Enjoy all-in-one fun with the Combo, a complete better sex kit powered by 10 functions of deep rumbling Vooom® vibration. This convenient collection includes a stretchy two-sided cock ring and comfor... Read More
    This Combo set is another fantastic choice for couples. It is good for many different positions and many different types of play. I recommend this Combo set fro Couples who are new to toys and just wa

    Combo $68.00

    Kendall Silicone Suction Cup Dildo  - This luxurious, soft-touch silicone dildo gives you great pleasure while delivering intense, gratifying sensations. Discover the exquisite passion which only thi... Read More
    Kendell is a great toy, it can be used alone or with your partner. The suction base is amazingly strong and can withstand a lot of force. 

    Kendell $70.00

    Bling Bling mini wand massager has 10 different pulsations to tailor your vibration experience.  This is a perfect introductory wand.  The bendable neck is flexible and great for targeting your mass... Read More
    The Bling Bling Wand is very versatile and cute at the same time. It can be a body massager for your anywhere on your body that has an ache that needs massaged. You can also use it for clitoral stimul

    Bling Bling Intro Wand $18.00

    The sexy fun heart-candle that’s (by the way) great skincare. Drizzle this warm massage oil straight out of the tin and onto the skin! Made with 7 natural oils, light it up and pour it on. Good tast... Read More
    The edible massage candle is nice because it smells nice, it tastes nice, it helps to moisturize your skin and of course it helps get your partner in the mood when they smell you and can't resist lick

    Edible Massage Candle $24.00

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